Enabling Reliable and Safe Access to Space

The Sagrad AFTU: A critical component in Autonomous Flight Termination Systems (AFTS)

We've worked four years with NASA, the Air Force, the FAA and DARPA to produce our current AFTU

Sagrad has been delivering high-reliability products since 2004. We are AS9100 Rev. D certified

Large-Lift Vehicles

Large-Lift Vehicles

Government and Military

Medium/Small Lift

Medium/Small Lift

Government and Commercial

Terrestrial Based

Terrestrial Based

Primarily Commercial

Sagrad invites you to participate in AFTU development.

We would like to know more about your interest and plans to use AFTU technology in your programs.

We have a roadmap to substantially reduce size, weight, and power for AFTU products, and we want to know your requirements.

Register with us today to assure that you receive the latest information from Sagrad and have the opportunity to influence our future products.

Products Available Now

Engineering Development and Flight Units

Our products meet the Range Commanders Council’s Flight Termination Systems Commonality Standard – RCC 319-14. Sagrad offers both Engineering Development and Flight Units with and without internal GPS.

Product Qualification

Completed and upcoming qualification testing

Our current AFTU products have completed design qualification and product qualification to meet RCC 319-14. Sagrad began flight qualification testing of three NASA/Sagrad test articles on April 5, 2019.

Overview of AFSS/AFTS

The Autonomous Flight Safety System Mandate

In mid-2017, the Committee on Armed Services directed the Secretary of the Air Force and NASA to prepare a recommendation for an Autonomous Flight Safety and Termination System. In April, the Secretary responded with a plan.

The AFTU Roadmap

See the mini, micro and nano concepts

Future AFTU products will be determined by customer specifications and your input. We forsee three additional phases where we extend the current AFTU architecture to improve size, weight and manufacturability.

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