SG923-0015-EDU available now with and without qualified internal GPS

Accepting orders for SG901-1229 Flight Units (our standard product)

Sagrad is now shipping the SG923-0015 Engineering Development Units (EDU) with and without internal qualified GPS, and we are accepting orders for the SG901-1229 Flight Units (without GPS). Here is an overview of our current product specifications.



  • Flight Qualified to Air Force/NASA/FAA Safety Requirements (RCC 319-14 compliant)
  • Ideally suited for new Autonomous Flight Safety Systems
  • Weight <2.8 lbs. (unit only)
  • Power: Nominally <13 watts at 28 VDC
  • Size 7” X 5.75” X 2”
  • Support for External GPS (INS or GPS/INS hybrid)
  • Term and TermNOT (for normally closed valves) configurable


  • Proven Design
  • Qualification with 30th & 45th Air Force Space Wings and FAA expected to be completed by Q3 2019
  • No additional NRE Required

SG923-0015 EDU (Engineering Development Unit)

Available Now

  • Same design as SG901-1229 Flight Unit
  • Selected part substitutions, for cost & lot-control/Mil-Spec part efficiencies
  • Limited acceptance testing; not to complete Flight Unit Acceptance Test Plan
  • Available with and without GPS


Accepting Production Orders Now

Final qualification and first operational flight scheduled in Q3 2019

Block Level Diagram


AFTU Interfaces

  1. TERM: Used for ordnance or normally open valves. Designed to deliver up to 5 amps. Voltage drop for 1 amp is ~ 1V; for 5 amps is ~5V.

  2. TERM NOT: Used for normally closed valves. Designed to deliver up to 3 Amp. Voltage drop is expected to be 3 volt.

  3. LIFTOFF: 28 V, with ground supplied by vehicle (Umbilical)

  4. Telemetry: Isolated RS422 to Vehicle telemetry.

  5. 28V Input: 22 to 36 Volts DC Input to AFTU.

  6. GPS Antenna: SMC connect to an antenna, splitter or combiner.

  7. Spare2: Isolated RS422, use is unrestricted, can be used for GPS, INS, IMU, Telemetry, etc.

  8. Spare1: Isolated RS422, use is unrestricted, can be used for GPS, INS, IMU, Telemetry, etc.

  9. Health Monitor: Isolated 28V discrete, indicates to the other chassis the AFTU health.

  10. GPS Cross-strap: Isolated RS422 one-direction communication, output of internal GPS receiver is sent to the other chassis.

  11. Console: Isolated RS422, used for console communication to GSE over umbilical.

  12. Ethernet: Supports up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet, Used for vehicle and GSE communications. Also provides two-way telemetry link to GSE

AFTU Mechanicals

NASA AFTU Testing Matrix – Maximum Predicted Environmentals (MPEs)

Environment Parameter

Environment Qualification

Operating Maximum Temperature

-34ºC / 71ºC

Pre-flight Maximum Temperature

-34ºC / 71ºC

Random Vibration

20.84 Grms (MIL-STD-883)

20-2000Hz, 4.5 min

Sinusoidal Vibration

2.1 G (5-100Hz, 4.5 min

Transportation Vibration

1.05 Grms, 60 min


100Hz, 100g

2000Hz, 1300g

10,000Hz, 1300g

Transportation Shock

48 inch drops – all corners, edges & faces

Max. Predicted Flight Acceleration Level

15.4g (x,y,z)

Max. Predicted Sound Pressure Level

149.6 dB, 50Hz-10kHz

Electromagnetic Environment


30th, 45th/NASA Ranges

Temperature / Humidity / Altitude / Vacuum

-34ºC & 71ºC; 95% RH; 50kft (1 Torr)

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